Most organizations understand that effective management and deployment of assets can mean the difference between success and failure but many organizations fail to consider their most critical asset, human capital.
Testing and Survey tools have long been an effective, yet underutilized, tool to help employers make the most of their human capital.
As part of our Strategic Development Process,we offer awareness tools via assessment and survey instruments that enhance performance.

We offer the following Tools:

The Profile Evaluation System (PES):
The P.E.S. predicts how an individual may perform in a given job by comparing that individual’s Profile to a normative pattern which can be developed for a specific job at a specific organization.
Along with interviewing, checking references, and administering other applicable tests, the PES helps ensure good, solid hiring decisions.
Because it is very comprehensive, the PES is often used in hiring and placement of higher level associates and sales individuals.
As a coaching tool, the PES helps a group leader communicate more skillfully with group members and develop them more effectively.

The Organizational Needs Inventory® is a survey and comprehensive report relating to three key areas for every organization:

Organizational Structure, Predominant Leadership Style, and Organizational Culture.
The ONI® Survey helps an organization’s leaders plan for the future with a clearer sense of direction and purpose.
This tool can also help business owners and executives adapt appropriately to desired changes and to measure changes that occur over time.

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